Housing Disrepair

All landlords (private, Housing Association and Council) have a legal obligation to maintain the structure and exterior of their property to a reasonable standard of repair. If in the last 6 years (3 years for a personal injury) your landlord failed to carry out the repair, you might be entitled to compensation.

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Attention, if your house is suffering from the following you may be entitled to thousands in compensation:


Damp Walls


Moulds on walls


Leaks, The chimney, pipes, flues and the ventilation


Damaged doors or windows


Faulty electrical / construction work


Not protected deposits


Heating and the supply of hot water


Cracks and other structural damage


Personal injury, such as eczema, allergies or asthma.


Repairing damage in common areas such as hallways and staircases.


Pests and vermin



As a tenant you can claim for the following if you have been affected:

  • For the caused inconvenience and inability to use all of your home
  • Your damaged belongings
  • Any affect it might have had on you or other household members


You can claim a reduction or refund of rent if you haven’t been able to use part or all of your home because of the disrepair, even if your rent has been paid by housing benefit or universal credit.


For Example


Disrepair: plumbing leak into one room for 3 years continuously.

Rent: £500pcm

Value of rent for the whole period of the claim: £18 000

Compensation at 25%: £4500


Please remember that you  can not take legal action for compensation unless you report the repair problem to your landlord during your tenancy.

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We will help you to make it right and get back on your feet with a help of our numerous partners. Even if the accident might have been partially your fault, we could still fight for you.

If you want us to take care of the whole process, we will need only a few details:

Please remember that you can't take legal action for compensation unless you report the repair problem to your landlord during your tenancy. In order to start your claim we will need the following:

In order to prepare a stronger case, it is recommended to start a claim without any further delays.  Our experts will ensure that your interests are represented to the highest standard. On average, depending on the landlord and their available resources, a case  takes between 9 – 12 months from initial client conference to compensation payment being paid. We deal with cases without any delays in order to guarantee a stress free process for you.


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