The Compensation Claims Process

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We Provide Claim Services in following fields

Free consultation

No matter whether you were at fault or an innocent party, we will always listen to you and together we can agree the most beneficial route to take for you to gain compensation you deserve. Call us for a free advise and our experts will help you in every possible way they can.

Recovery, Storage, Hire

We are proud to say that we cooperate only with professional companies which can swiftly arrange recovery, storage and hire. We will take out the hassle involved in making  claim, we will take care of all the formalities, paperwork and correspondence. Instead of making numerous calls, you will only need to ask us to take care of it.


After suffering an injury, it might take months to get back on your feet.  You might be entitled to private treatment. After discussing your circumstances with you, we will go through the various options available to you and together we can decide on the one which is most beneficial for you.

Compensation you deserve

We will do everything possible to ensure high compensation for our clients. We operate on a “No Win, No Fee” basis which means that our fee is payable only in the event of winning the case

Your Personal case handler

We are aware of how stressful case process might be having to speak with countless people and explain everything all over again. With Expert Claims you will be assigned a personal case handler who would take your case from start to finish

Swiftly arranged medical examination

Our partners work hard ensuring  that a medical examination is arranged with no delays, and with minimum travel on your part

Language barrier

Expert Claims only work with solicitors who take our client’s language needs into consideration. We believe every client must fully understand every aspect of their claim. Please let us know if you have any special requirements: Braille, translation into your mother tongue etc

Attentive service

Our emergency line operates 24/7. Every inquiry is dealt with  within 24 hours to insure that the claim settles without delay. Amongst many other things-  we  also offer paperless communication – not only it saves your time but the environment too

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