Accidents abroad

When going on holiday, everyone expects to have a lovely and relaxing time. Unfortunately, sometimes what was supposed to be the nicest time of the year turns into a nightmare scenario. It is not surprising that people are not aware of their rights abroad, especially on all inclusive holidays.

How can I protect my interest and get more information?

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Here are some examples of products which might cause an injury:

Natural disaster, such as a tsunami or earthquake

Boat / sailing accidents

Injuries that have happened during a day excursion

Food poisoning from a hotel restaurant or buffet

Injuries due to the lack of hygiene at the hotel

Cruise ship accidents

Injury or illness while on hotel or resort premises, such as a trip, slip or fall by the pool or on slippery or uneven surfaces

Road traffic accidents (car, motorbike or scooter crashes), whether you were a passenger, driver or pedestrian. Injuries on foreign public transport

Injury taking part in sports or other recreational activities, such as scuba diving or a horseback riding accident

We will help you to make it right and get back on your feet with a help of our numerous partners. If you want us to take care of the whole process we will need only a few details:

Further information on your injuries, medical diagnosis, and treatment. Copies of all doctor’s notes and prescriptions. Any other information or documentation that might be relevant

Obtain names and addresses of other guests who may have witnessed your accident or the situation that caused it and would be prepared to make a statement

The details to whom and when the accident was reported. There must be a record of it. You can report it to: your package organiser's representative in the resort, or if there is no rep to the organiser's head office in the UK and the hotel management.

Take photographs of what caused the accident and your injury

The date of the accident, place and circumstances

  • You must seek medical attention as soon as you feel fist symptoms, failing to do so might jeopardize your case. Do not forget to keep a full record of any expenses you incur as a result of your accident. This may include the cost of medical treatment, travel involved in obtaining medical treatment, and even costs incurred by your family traveling to visit you whilst you recover.


  • In order to prepare a stronger case, it is recommended to start a claim without any further delays.  Our experts will ensure that your interests are represented to the highest standard. Once the case is submitted, you will be regularly informed. We deal with cases without any delays in order to guarantee a stress free process for you

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