Accidents at Work

Employers and business owners are legally responsible for the safety of their staff and any visitors to their premises. If you suffered an injury at work and decide to make a claim, it will not compromise your position at the company. Every employer must be covered by Employers Liability Insurance, so the insurance company pays your compensation and not the employer himself.

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Most common places where the accident can take place:

Accident on a construction site

Accident at a factory

Accident at a hotel

Accident on a farm

Accident at a warehouse

Accident at a restaurant/cafe

The most common Health and Safety breaches by employers:

Dangerous practices and procedures in the workplace

No training provided to employees or Insufficient and improper training

Defective or poorly maintained equipment

No training on how to use new equipment Negligence of co-workers for which the employer is liable

Dangerous machinery at work Accident while operating a forklift or crane

Fall, slip and trip because of dangerous/not maintained surfaces Falling objects

We will help you to make it right and get back on your feet with a help of our numerous partners.Even if the accident might have been partially your fault, we could still fight for you.

 If you want us to take care of the whole process, we will need only a few details:

The date of the accident, place and circumstances (with a sketch)

Photos of the accident scene and injuries

Witnesses contact details

Employer’s detailsv

Further information on your injuries, medical diagnosis, and treatment

Any other information or documentation that might be relevant

  • Your supervisor or employer must be informed about your accident and it should be recorded in the accident book. If your workplace does not have an accident book, you should post or email brief details about the accident and your injuries. Please make sure you keep a copy of it.


  • Do not forget to keep a full record of any expenses you incur as a result of your accident. This may include the cost of medical treatment, travel involved in obtaining medical treatment, and even costs incurred by your family traveling to visit you whilst you recover.


  • In order to prepare a stronger case, it is recommended to start a claim without any further delays.  Our experts will ensure that your interests are represented to the highest standard. Once the case is submitted, you will be informed   within 30 working days in relation to the defendant’s position. We deal with cases without any delays in order to guarantee a stress free process for you.

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