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Thousands of people are  injured in avoidable accidents in public places – in a street, restaurant, school, park or a gym. Property owners including local councils have an obligation to ensure that their premises are properly maintained and kept free of hazards that might cause someone to suffer an injury.



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Most common places where the accident can take place:


Slips, Trips and Falls


Sports Injury


Gym Injury


Horse Riding Injuries


Claims against the Council


Injuries at School


Dog Bites


Accidents in supermarkets, shops and restaurants


Other Claims


We will help you to make it right and get back on your feet with a help of our numerous partners. Even if the accident might have been partially your fault, we could still fight for you.

If you want us to take care of the whole process, we will need only a few details:

What details you'll need to launch your claim:

Medical negligence cases are very problematic and might take years to resolve. We will need to prove that you not only were a victim of medical  negligence but it also caused your injuries. Unfortunately, some injuries can be so severe that no treatment can lead to a full recovery.

Do not forget to keep a full record of any expenses you incur as a result of your accident. This may include the cost of medical treatment, travel involved in obtaining medical treatment, and even costs incurred by your family traveling to visit you whilst you recover.

In order to prepare a stronger case, it is recommended to start a claim without any further delays.

Our experts will ensure that your interests are represented to the highest standard.  We deal with cases without any delays in order to guarantee a stress free process for you.


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